Addiction is a global epidemic that not only affects families, but also generations within families.  The many factors that influence addiction include family history, neurophysiological factors and peer influences.  Of those who struggle with a substance abuse issue, 40% of them have an underlying mental health issue that has not been addressed.  Many times, substance abuse and addiction are behavioral symptoms for an underlying problem.  If you or a loved one are having difficulty limiting or controlling the use of a particular (or multiple) substances, and continue to use despite medical, legal or social consequences then please seek professional help.

Today, substance abuse (drug and alcohol) has become a significant problem. We hear about it in the news almost weekly and some of us may have a family member that suffers from a substance use disorder. In adolescents and adults, the rates of drug and alcohol use have steadily increased over time and threaten healthy brain development, social and occupational functioning, and family relationships. After an individual achieves sobriety and are in recovery, it is recommended that they enroll in support groups as well as individual therapy. The staff at the Duffy Counseling Center has extensive experience in helping individuals and families afflicted by substance abuse and are ready to help you.

Addiction is not just limited to substances.  In an increasing technological world, the dependency on electronics and associated devices has steadily increased.  A grey area has developed between convenience and dependence, resulting in the gradual dissolution of emotional interaction and interpersonal relationships.  To learn more about how we can help, please contact our offices.