Ask yourself…

Are you or someone close to you easily distracted?
Or …
Do you struggle with establishing, shifting, and maintain focus in an academic or work setting?
As more data on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder comes out, we are learning just how prominent ADHD really is.

ADHD Counseling Sessions @ Duffy

In our sessions, we work on identifying symptoms of ADHD and developing an action plan to reduce the frequency and duration of inattentive/hyperactive symptoms.

Duffy Counseling provides ADHD counseling services covering a wide range of related subjects, including:

  • Symptoms
  • Inattention/Focus
  • Organizational Skills
  • Academic Achievement
  • Behavioral Modification

Adhering to structure allows an individual to slow regain control of their thoughts and behavior whether it is in their personal lives or their academic/professional lives.

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