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Developing Goals for the Fall/Winter

With the summer ending, the idea of returning to school or back to a rigorous work schedule can be difficult to cope with. Most people “go with the flow” and take things day by day. This may be effective in the short term and can certainly help you enjoy the last few weeks of summer, but is not sustainable long term.

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Early Depression Screening for Children & Teenagers

The Push for Early Depression Screening Continues

In February, The American Academy of Pediatrics recommended yearly screenings for depression in children and adolescents.

If such recommendations were heeded, then children and adolescents would be screened for depression by their pediatrician at the same time as their yearly physicals. With depression rates increasing each year, and an abundance of research supporting the need for early detection, this recommendation is a step in the right direction.

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The Holiday Blues Series: Most Common Factors of Holiday Depression (& How to Manage Through Them)

The Holiday Blues Series: Most Common Factors of Holiday Depression (& How to Manage Through Them)

During the holiday season, we tend to shift our focus from work and daily responsibilities to time spent with family and friends. For most, it is a welcomed respite from the monotony of the work week.  However, for some, this time of year can stir up problematic symptoms of anxiety and depression. Read more

4 Ways Avoid Holiday Depression

The Holiday Blues Series: 4 Ways Avoid Holiday Depression

At approximately 3 pm on Thanksgiving Day, it seems as if the holiday season swings into high gear.

Before you know it, seasonal decorations are up everywhere and holiday sales — too good to pass up –can be found at every turn!

When the calendar turns and December is upon us, many people feel overwhelmed with the holiday season and don’t enjoy it as much as they should. Family and work functions as well as financial stress are some of the most commonly reported stressors during the holiday season.

While we can’t avoid all stress, the following four tips can help you reduce pressures, avoid the blues, and maybe even enjoy yourself this season! Read more

Effects of Diet on Mental Health

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Emotional Exhaustion: Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies

Emotional Exhaustion: Cause, Symptoms, and Remedies

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