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Drug Use: Progression from Abuse to Dependence

Drug Addiction: Progression from Usage to Abuse & Dependence

Government officials have long expressed an interest in addressing the nationwide opioid epidemic.

Each year, there are around 70,000 deaths due to drug overdoses and many of them include the abuse of opioids.

In the past, the drug trade involved the illegal exchange of drugs for money between a dealer and a customer. Today, that exchange occurs on a much more secure channel that grant anonymity to both parts.

The dark web grants a user access to nearly everything.

The most common purchases include marijuana and harder drugs that can be purchased using cryptocurrency and delivered in a discreet, secure package to the address of your choosing. As a result, more people are using marijuana and over time their drug of choice changes to more potent and dangerous substances.

One of the most common features of drug addiction is seeking out cheaper, more potent drugs.

The more potent the drug, the better and if this drug is relatively cheap, it can be purchased in larger quantities.

One of the most notorious drugs is Fentanyl.

It is cheap, very potent, and much easier to develop than other drugs. Due to it’s low price and availability, drug users purchase large amounts and use much more than they anticipated.

Aside from death …

… drug overdoses can cause permanent brain damage and exacerbate any mental health issue present prior to drug use. It is a scary time due to the ease of access and the willingness of many adolescents and young adults to use harder drugs.

How can we combat this?

The first step is education.

Education other health professionals, parents, and the general public is most important.

It is also important to be knowledgeable to the signs of drug abuse.

Change in personality, increased irritability, and changes in behavior are most common.

Lastly, know what your child is looking at on their computer, phone, or tablet.

If you find something alarming, take it as an opportunity to seek help. Detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment are most efficacious interventions with drug dependence.

Have questions or concerns about drug addiction and dependence issues? Need support?

Please contact our counseling team to get help and support for addiction challenges related to you or a beloved family member.

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