Payment & Insurance

Payment Policy

Payment in full is expected upon your visit.

Billing information is kept confidential and on file. You will be billed at the time of service or in the event that you are a “no show.” Please see our cancellation policy for further information on billing.

You will be receive an itemized receipt at the end of each month to submit to your insurance.

If a receipt is needed sooner than the end of the month, please speak with our office manager to discuss possible accommodations.

While we do not participate in insurance, we will provide an itemized receipt that you may submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.


The Duffy Counseling Center does not participate with any health insurance plans.

To ensure that our patients receive the absolute best in time and attention from our counselors, we have decided not to participate in insurance.

We are considered out-of-network providers when filing reimbursement claims with your insurance carrier.

Please call our business office with any questions at 703.255.1091 or use our online form.

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