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Dealing with Back-to-School Stress with Duffy Counseling Center

October 2015

Students nowadays are dealing with issues and challenges most of us didn’t have when we were younger, including technology, social media, intense peer pressure, and more. Licensed therapist with Duffy Counseling Center, Patrick Ryan, MA, LPC, offers tips and advice to help kids adjust back to school after their long summer breaks.

Managing Teen Anxiety

December 2015

Teenagers can often show changes in behavior as a result of normal growth patterns. But when are those changes beyond normal and a sign of something more serious? Duffy Counseling Center’s Katharine Ryan Rosenbaum, MA, LPC discusses “Managing Teen Anxiety” on Great Day Washington on December 18, 2015.

Washingtonian Magazine

Our three licensed therapists have been profiled in Washingtonian Magazine’s October 2017 edition!
Duffy Counseling Center featured in Washingtonian Magazine

Do You & Your Kids Have a School Safety Plan In Place? Use These 3 Tips To Get Your Plan Started.

I remember September 11, 2001 very vividly. I went to high school in Washington D.C. and was in my second period Spanish …

How Parents & Community Members Can Support Overburdened School Counselors

How Parents & Community Members Can Support Overburdened School Counselors

If you were to look at the job description for a school counselor, you would see that their role in the school is to provide …

Drug Use: Progression from Abuse to Dependence

Drug Addiction: Progression from Usage to Abuse & Dependence

Government officials have long expressed an interest in addressing the nationwide opioid epidemic. Each year, there are around …