Month: August 2017

4 Steps Towards Creating Your New Sleep Routine

4 Steps Towards Creating Your New Sleep Routine

There are many variables that may contribute to the maladaptive behaviors and emotional states of people.

Physical ailments, poor nutrition, and defective coping mechanisms can all contribute to the overall mental state of a human being. However, one of the most commonly explored sources of irritability, mood dysregulation and lack of concentration is sleep or lack thereof. Placing mental health concerns aside, for any person whether they be infant, child, adolescent or adult, sleep is imperative to the normal functioning of every system within the body.

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4 Tips for Managing Device and Screen Times for Kids

4 Tips to Managing Device & Screen Times for Kids

One of the more prominent issues we face in this time is the constant exposure of our children to the unknown and often time dangerous worlds hidden within the internet.

The use of electronic devices as it pertains to child development continues to be a questionable debate, providing convincing arguments in the name of safety and technological advancement. However, as parents, we yearn for moments of serenity and silence when small but important tasks can be completed without interruption.

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ADHD: Biological or Developed Disorder?

ADHD: Biological or Developed Disorder?

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is characterized by a constellation of symptoms including impulsivity, hyperactivity, …

Early Depression Screening for Children & Teenagers

The Push for Early Depression Screening Continues

In February, The American Academy of Pediatrics recommended yearly screenings for depression in children and adolescents. …

Hey Duffy! Mental Health & Wellness Column - Medication Addiction - Edition 001

Hey Duffy! Is It Possible For Me To Be Physically Dependent On My Medication?

With the opioid crisis and the rise of benzodiazepine abuse, this is a general concern of most patients. Many of our patients …