Welcome to Duffy Counseling Center

We are a counseling practice dedicated to helping our clients and their families achieve emotional and physical wellness. Our staff consists of licensed professional counselors (LPC) experienced in the most efficacious therapeutic approaches to mental health issues, family strife, and substance abuse disorders.

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Do you give informational sessions to schools, businesses, athletic programs, and other organizations?

Yes. We work closely with several high schools and athletic programs in the area. Outside of that, we have worked with other groups in discussing various topics involving relationships, organizational issues, and other mental health topics.

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For psychological testing, how long does it take? When will I get the results of testing?

Psychological testing can take anywhere before 3-8 hours and is sometimes administered over the course of multiple appointments. We strive to provide results from testing within a reasonable time period no longer than two weeks.

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Do you participate in any insurance plans?

At this time we do not participate in any insurance plans. We keep billing information on file and you will be billed for your appointment at the time of service or in the event you are a “no show.” At the end of each month, you will be provided with an itemized receipt that you may submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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